SI2 Technologies, Inc. (SI2) designs, develops and manufactures antennas, arrays and absorber systems for military air, land, sea and space applications. SI2 creates rapid, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the complex and ever-changing battlefield problems facing today's warfighters.

Antenna & Array Products

Our miniature communications antennas and conformal phased arrays support a multitude of functions including communications, navigation and identification (CNI), intelligence gathering (SIGINT/ELINT), radar and electronic warfare applications. Our products feature lower profiles, wider bandwidths and lighter weights than conventional antennas and arrays while maintaining high efficiency. Characteristics of SI2's antennas and arrays include:

  • ultra-low profiles on the order of λ/20 (where λ is the wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation)
  • ultra-wide bandwidth up to 20:1
  • an accompanying 4x weight reduction

Absorber System Products

Our Radar Absorbing Structure (RAS) and Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) products provide the industry with the accuracy, tailorability and material flexibility required to meet legacy and emerging platform performance goals.