The advent of Network Centric Operations across the Department of Defense is driving the need for alternative antenna solutions that can be proliferated throughout the net while simultaneously saving space, weight and power and maintaining adaptability to multiple platforms.

SI2’s miniature communications antennas and conformal phased arrays support multiple functions including, but not limited to, communications, radar and electronic warfare applications. Our products feature lower profiles, wider bandwidths and lighter weights than conventional antennas and arrays while maintaining high efficiency. Characteristics of SI2's antennas and arrays include:

  • ultra-low profiles on the order of λ/20 (where λ is the wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation)
  • ultra-wide bandwidth up to 20:1
  • an accompanying 4x weight reduction.

SI2 has developed several metamaterials-based technologies for our antenna and array systems. When appropriate, these technologoies can be used to reduce the antenna size while maintaining highly efficient operation.

Miniature Communications Antennas


Conformal GPS and telemetry antennas incorporated into previously unused space within munition. Enables "ground-to-round" communication without impacting current munition design.SI2’s Miniature Communications Antennas are highly efficient and capable of covering multiple frequency bands. They are designed for frequencies less than 2000 MHz to cover primary military tactical communications bands where the frequency of operation typically requires large antennas using conventional technology. Our miniature antenna’s wideband operation reduces the number of antennas required to meet increased communication demands while decreasing the space, weight and EMI issues associated with conventional antenna installations. The small size of these antennas makes them suitable for conformal and low profile installations.

Conformal Phased Arrays



SI2 uses PCB Construction and novel materials for highly efficient arrays.SI2’s Conformal Phased Arrays can be adapted to both broadband low profile operation and narrowband, ultra-low profile operation at frequencies of up to 50 GHz. In either case, SI2’s arrays provide excellent polarization purity and high efficiency over the operating band. The arrays can be used in a static beam configuration or as an active electronically scanned array (AESA). SI2 Technologies, Inc. Conformal, Wideband Electronically Steerable Array Technology is scalable and customizable to optimize performance at frequencies of interest from 1-50 GHz. Inexpensive PCB construction permits rapid fabrication and deployment and provides graceful degradation operationally. Our electronically scanned phased arrays minimize roll-off, functioning efficiently with good RF scan performance up to +- 70 degrees in azimuth.The low profile nature of the arrays reduces the size and weight impact on platforms and enables both conformal and low profile implementations. Conformal UHF Flight Termination Antenna