SI2 utilizes an array of advanced software programs to provide in-house design, modeling and simulation capabilities that support rapid prototyping of complex 3D electronic systems via our proprietary approach to development and manufacture (SIDM).

The full complement of programs is listed below.







  • CST Microwave Studio ®

    • Numerical design and simulation of 3-D RF systems
    • Time Domain Simulation Engine
    • Frequency Domain Solver
  • HFSS™ by Ansoft

    • Numerical design, modeling and simulation of RF systems
    • HFSS Desktop, Design Capture, Analysis, Post-processing, and Optimetrics
  • In-House Custom Software and Numerical Tools

    • 2D first principle band structure calculations
    • Green's function boundary wall approach
    • FEM and genetic algorithm based antenna design tools
  • WIPL-D

    • Frequency domain electromagnetic modeling and simulation of composite metallic and dielectric 3-D structures

    • Modeling and analysis of antennas with inputs on actual operating environment
  • MATLAB® and Simulink®

    • Mathematical modeling, numerical analysis
    • System level simulation and optimization
  • SolidWorks®

    • 3-D CAD solid modeling

    • Circuit design