SI2 Technologies at Navy Innovation Forum

Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder

Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder, chief of naval research, talks with Randall Lapierre, left, and Donald Flodin, both with SI2 Technologies, Inc., about the next generation phased array antenna, while touring the exhibit hall at the 2014 Navy Opportunity Forum, Arlington, Va., June 2, 2014. U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams

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SI2 Technologies ISO 9001:2008 Certification


SI2 Technologies is proud to announce the recent ISO-9001:2008 certification of its Quality Management System.  The certification was accredited by NQA USA, headquartered in Acton, MA.  This achievement is a major milestone for SI2.  Certification under ISO 9001:2008 will enable SI2 to provide products and services that are consistently reliable and meet documented specifications as well as international regulatory standards, thereby providing enhanced value to the customer.

ISO 9001:2008 is a quality management system standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, an association of governmental and nongovernmental organizations from 161 countries that develops international standards. The ISO 9001:2008 standard is used to certify quality management systems that focus on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, active involvement of top management and employees, and the adoption of a process approach.

“SI2 Technologies’ accreditation under ISO-9001:2008 is a key step in our improving quality processes for world class aerospace and defense products. We fully intend to expand our quality program to the most rigorous standards in the industry.” Joseph Kunze, President and CEO of SI2 Technologies, Inc.


About SI2 Technologies, Inc.

SI2’s mission is to increase stakeholder (customers, employees, shareholders, etc.) value through developing and delivering antenna, array, sensor  and absorber products for the defense and aerospace markets that enhance the warfighter’s effectiveness while providing increased protection against current, new and emerging threats


SI2 Technologies Awarded Navy Contract to Design and Build Ultra Wideband Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Transmit Array

SI2 Technologies, Inc. (SI2) was recently awarded an SBIR Phase II contract to design and develop a wideband, electronically steered multi-beam transmit array for Navy surface ship EW systems. The electronically steered multi-beam wideband array technology used was developed originally for the Navy on another program in 2011, the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ). This wideband technology was leveraged in the Phase I effort to demonstrate a 10:1 bandwidth array with wide instantaneous bandwidth and high efficiency at targeted frequencies. In Phase II, the wideband array concept will be refined through modeling and hardware to a 20:1 bandwidth. During this new program, an antenna demonstrator with integrated wideband RF electronics will be fabricated and tested to demonstrate performance including wideband, wide scan capabilities. The recent award also has an option where SI2 Technologies will perform system level testing to further mature the technology and mitigate risk for transition.

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SI2 Technologies Founder elected to SBANE Board of Directors

Dr. Joseph Kunze, Ph.D was recently elected to the Small Business Association of New England, SBANE. As founder and CEO of SI2 Technologies, Inc.; he brings a wealth of small business experience to the board.

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SI2 Technologies in the News - CNBC

..."A low-cost EEG system can be part of a laboratory experiment that a 15-year-old might be able to do," said Erik Handy, principal scientist at SI2 Technologies. The small business—based in North Billerica, Mass., 25 miles outside Boston—is among four companies that have received federal DARPA funding to create complementary solutions...

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