Since 2003, SI2 has provided innovative, high-technology products to the defense marketplace. Working with both Government agencies and prime contractors as well as universities and non-profits, we have built a team of smart, creative and energetic technical and business experts passionate about our mission.

Our well-defined corporate structure efficiently blends talents of experts in the fields of electrical, mechanical, materials, manufacturing and aerospace engineering and physics. This structure consists of four groups:


Corporate provides the business and Government compliance support necessary for the three other groups to operate efficiently.


The Engineering group develops new technology based upon market input and requirements for new products. The primary external customers for the Engineering group are various Government agencies. Internally, the Engineering group supports the Product Development and Manufacturing groups as required.

Product Development (PD)

The PD group transitions products from the Engineering group into Manufacturing. The PD group refines the product design package as well as develops the material specifications, process control documentation and quality control procedures. The PD group also performs limited manufacturing as new products are being qualified by the customer. The customers for the PD group are various Government agencies as well as large and small prime contractors who are the platform system integrators.


The Manufacturing group delivers fully developed products to the customer. The group consists of both internal SI2 capabilities as well as outside manufacturing capabilities. As such the Manufacturing group coordinates the production activities for each product. As with the PD group, the customers for the Manufacturing group are primarily large and small prime contractors who are the platform system integrators.