System Integrated Design and Manufacture – Built-in Flexibility

In order to focus SI2's full breadth of production capabilities on our clients’ electronics integration challenges, we utilize SIDM (System Integrated Design and Manufacture) as our engineering roadmap. An array of electronic design, modeling and simulation automation tools and processes are used to develop the best solution to each requirement. The structural design and the electronic design are interactive through the use of advanced computer tools to model and simulate the system performance as materials and manufacturing methods are chosen. In all cases, SI2 seeks to integrate electronics directly with the platform structure wherever possible so as to reduce platform size, weight, power consumption, and cost relative to conventional electronics solutions.

SIDM Example

MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) Conformal Aperture Design & Simulation

SI2 was charged with providing 360 degree aperture coverage for an RF application on the MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) platform. We began by recreating the MAV shroud as a 3D CAD model utilizing SolidWorks software. The conformal arrays were then designed, placed on the shroud model and the radiation pattern simulated in CST Microwave Studio.CST Microwave Studio image of MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) shroud with structurally integrated conformal aperture (left) and the simulated radiation pattern superimposed (right).


MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) Conformal Aperture Manufacture

SI2 utilized its proprietary Direct Write manufacturing process to print the array directly to the curved MAV shroud.

Direct Write of conformal array to MAV shroud.


MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) Conformal Aperture Testing

SI2's products are designed and built to meet customer specifications from RF performance to durability. The individual arrays as well as the integrated MAV shroud underwent verification and testing in an anechoic chamber and passed rugged environmental testing.Anechoic chamber testing of shroud with integrated apertures (left), and vibration and thermal shock testing of shroud with integrated apertures (right).


MAV (Miniature Air Vehicle) Conformal Aperture Prototype

Next steps include integration on MAV vehicle, followed by ground and flight testing.

Production representative MAV shroud.MAV prototype in flght.