There’s nothing standard about SI2 products.

SI2 Technologies designs and manufactures flexible, high-precision antennas, arrays and signal management systems using conventional as well as patented digital printing and laser transfer manufacturing technology. Our suite of custom-designed products solves the challenges faced by the defense industry to fit and retrofit expansive communications technology into tight and unusually shaped spaces and surfaces.

We make things smart ™ – Smaller, thinner, lighter, more flexible, our products enable platforms to utilize the latest technologies for communications or signal management without increasing weight, size, power consumption or signature.

Our products enable electronics to be placed onto unconventional surfaces.

Antennas & Arrays

Working with both Government agencies and prime contractors as well as universities and non-profits, we have built a team of smart, creative and energetic technical and business experts who are passionate about our mission.

The advent of Network Centric Operations across the Department of Defense is driving the need for alternative antenna solutions that can be proliferated throughout the net while simultaneously saving space, weight and power and maintaining adaptability to multiple platforms.


SI2’s miniature communications antennas and conformal phased arrays support multiple functions including, but not limited to, communications, radar and electronic warfare applications. Our products feature lower profiles, wider bandwidths and lighter weights than conventional antennas and arrays while maintaining high efficiency.

SI2 has developed several technologies to reduce the size of our antenna and array systems. When appropriate, these technologies can be used to reduce the footprint of the system while maintaining highly efficient operation.

  • Ultra-low profiles on the order of λ/20 (where λ is the wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation)
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth up to 20:1
  • An accompanying 4x weight reduction

Miniature Antennas

SI2’s Miniature Antennas are highly efficient and capable of covering multiple frequency bands. They are designed for frequencies which cover primary military tactical communications bands where the frequency of operation typically requires large antennas using conventional technology. Our miniature antenna’s wideband operation reduces the number of antennas required to meet increased communication demands while decreasing the space, weight and EMI issues associated with conventional antenna installations. The small size of these antennas makes them suitable for conformal and low profile installations.

Low Profile/Conformal Phased Arrays

Low Profile/Conformal Phased Arrays can be adapted to both broadband low profile operation and narrowband, ultra-low profile operation at frequencies of up to 50 GHz. In either case, SI2’s arrays provide excellent polarization purity and high efficiency over the operating band. The arrays can be used in a static beam configuration or as an active electronically scanned array (AESA).

SI2’s Low Profile, Conformal, Wideband Electronically Steerable Array Technology is scalable and customizable to optimize performance at frequencies of interest from 1-50 GHz. Inexpensive PCB construction permits rapid fabrication and deployment and provides graceful degradation operationally.

Our electronically scanned phased arrays minimize roll-off, functioning efficiently with good RF scan performance up to +- 70 degrees in azimuth. The low profile nature of the arrays reduces the size and weight impact on platforms and enables both conformal and low profile implementations.

Signal Management

SI2’s Signal Mitigation products include flexible and conformal Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for singly and doubly curved surfaces, respectively, and Resistive Films and Microwave Absorbers for challenging structural geometries and spaces.


SI2 Technologies’ VersaR-Print is a high precision, low variability alternative to industry’s current resistive products. Printed onto 3 mil-thick polyimide, SI2’s resistive films are thin, durable and exhibit uniform electrical/RF response. Single deposition resistive films come standard at a 12” width on an oversized substrate.

SI2 uses a versatile digital manufacturing process which enables the design and configuration of VersaR-Print resistive films to be tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Contact us to inquire about alternate sheet resistance ranges, sizes, configurations, and designs.

Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)

SI2’s Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) are custom designed for specific applications as well as environmental and structural considerations.

Using SI2’s proprietary digital Direct Write printing processes, FSSs can be fabricated onto flexible substrates or conformally directly onto doubly curved surfaces.

Resistive Films and Absorbers

SI2’s Resistive Films and Absorbers products include precision printed resistive films and honeycomb core microwave absorbers.