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Live Webinar April 28, 2020
1PM to 2:30PM ET

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The Strength of 3D Printed Electronics

JOIN OUR DISTINGUISHED PANEL for an in-depth discussion of the continued migration from PCBs to printed circuit structures (PCS), conformally integrating circuits into device structures. PCSs solve the problem of incorporating an increasing number of active and passive electronic components and antennas into increasingly smaller and complex electronic packages. The panel predicts PCSs will eventually replace PCBs as electronics are reshaped and reformed, and become part of the structure of electronic devices.

James L. Zunino, U.S. Army ARDEC
Dr. Ken Church, CEO, nScrypt Inc.
Amanda Schrand, U.S. Air Force
Erik Handy, Principal Scientist, Sl2 Technologies, Inc.
Curtis Hill, Senior Materials Engineer, NASA MSFC/ESSCA
Mark Mirotznik, Prof. of Electrical and Computer Eng., University of Delaware
Paul Parsons, CEO/Chief Science Officer, DeLux Advanced Manufacturing

  • The panel will discuss:
    The state of the art of 3D manufacturing (aka direct digital manufacturing), combining 3D printing, printed electronics, multi materials, traditional manufacturing techniques, post-processing, and both in-process and post-process inspection.
  • Permeating electronics throughout structures, providing sensing, controls, and smart features, and devices that feel, smell, see, hear, communicate, and actuate.
  • Advantages of 3D manufactured PCS, including printing:
    • Antennas on or within a structure
    • RF shielding in strategic locations of the electronic package
    • Sensors that permeate throughout the structure
    • RF devices and systems
  • Going from a CAD file to a final, multi-material electronic product in a single build, without retooling.



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