SI2 is proud to announce that its team recently competed for and won a $1 million contract from The Armament Directorate who hosted its Weapons Pitch Day earlier this year.

Weapons Pitch Day is a Shark-Tank pitch environment where small businesses compete for contracts to advance their emerging weapons technologies.

SI2 proposed a multi-function RF seeker system with provisions for additional sensors like EO and IR to provide a multi-modal sensor capability for munitions platforms. We leveraged our previous work from Air Force and Navy applications to create new applications for emerging, mission critical functions.
With five Air Force Generals sitting on the judging panel, our team had only five minutes to pitch our technology and two minutes of Q&A for the opportunity to be considered for an award. The field started with 213 proposals that were narrowed down to 60 (we received a $50,000 immediate Task 1 payment in this phase), then that field was narrowed down to 16 winners. The competition was intense and we’re proud to emerge as one of the 7% that was selected for a full million-dollar award.

It was an unnerving yet successful experience for our team who showed innovation and creativity in our proposal. ​Congratulations to Rich Millard, Greg Best, Tom Goodwin and David Thombs who have embodied two of our Core Values – Competitive Spirit and Positive Attitude! Well done.

There’s a million reasons why David Thombs is smiling in his post-pitch debrief with Lieutenant Colonel Justin Smith, United States Air Force, Armament Directorate Chief, Q Branch (Emerging Technology)

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