SI2 Technologies, Inc. Displays Additive Manufacturing/Flexible Hybrid Electronics Demonstrators at NextFlex Innovation Day

SI2 Technologies, the very first member of the NextFlex consortium, displayed a number of innovative demonstrators for discussion at the NextFlex signature event, which featured 48 FHE enabled technology demonstrators. Participants discussed new and emerging application areas that are maturing to the stage that they may be suitable for NextFlex focus, the current state of the field, and manufacturing capabilities and challenges. The symposium featured seven speakers from industry and academia, and an interactive panel discussion with industry and DoD. This is an important and growing area of focus for SI2 and other members, and there’s great opportunity to enable future applications with flexible hybrid electronics.

The event also featured a new event NextFlex calls “SweatFactor” Designed to be a fundraiser to benefit FlexFactor, the NextFlex workforce development program for middle school and high school students, SweatFactor featured a live trial of wearable sweat sensing devices that were developed by GE’s Research lab in collaboration with Binghamton University, DuPont, the University of Connecticut, UES and AFRL and sponsored by NextFlex and New York State Empire State Development.

The SI2 Technologies booth at the NextFlex Innovation Day
James L. Zunino III, Materials Engineer with the U.S. Army RDE Command, inspects a demonstrator with Matthew Skinner, SI2 Technologies, Inc. during the NextFlex Innovation Day at the SI2 booth
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