SI2 Technologies Presents at Navy Forum for SBIR Transition

Principal Investigator for SI2, David Mahoney, with the RQ-21 Integrated Antenna Suite
Principal Investigator David Mahoney with the RQ-21 Integrated Antenna Suite


Dateline May 14-18, 2016

SI2 Technologies, Inc. presented the results of a recent Navy payload development for the RQ-21. The Integrated Antenna Suite (IAS) was based on a modified strongback payload bay, and incorporated 12 antennas supporting multiple frequency bands as well as communications relay. The IAS was flight tested on a surrogate manned aircraft in January of 2016, and is in redesign to expand frequency coverage and reduce the size of the antennas to be fully incorporated within the Outer Mold Line (OML) of the modified payload bay. SI2 will also be integrating a COTS SDR and developing software for the payload.

More at: Navy FST Day 2

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