SI2’s Holiday Party Celebrates Stand Out Employees

On Friday, December 11th, SI2 hosted its annual holiday gathering. Although the festivities were a bit different this year due to COVID restrictions and keeping safe social distancing in mind, the party was a success. Held mostly outdoors, the party featured music including SI2’s own David Thombs on the drums remixing Bruce Springsteen’s version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, a unique VW Bar from Olive & Twist named Penny Lane, and a mix of delectable appetizers to spread some holiday cheer.

It wouldn’t be an SI2 gathering without some friendly competition – this year’s “wreath toss” offered employees the chance to show off their cornhole skills for prizes. At the end of the afternoon, everyone received a pre-packaged dessert box and a restaurant gift card to share with their families.

However, the most meaningful part of this year’s celebration was the display and presentation of SI2’s new Challenge Coins. Challenge Coins are a symbol of recognition as being a member of an organization and appreciation for a job well done.  They are used throughout all military branches and are also popular with schools and other organizations. Challenge Coins are believed to date back to the Roman Empire but one of the most famous stories of the coins involves an American WWI lieutenant who had solid bronze coins minted with his unit’s insignia for each of his men. One of his pilots wore the coin in a small leather pouch around his neck. When the pilot’s plane crashed behind enemy lines, he managed to escape German patrols and eventually made his way to a French outpost. With no paperwork to prove his identity, he was set to be executed until the French recognized the challenge coin and gave him freedom (and a bottle of wine)!


This year, SI2 had seven new Challenge Coins minted and unveiled them at the gathering. A custom numbered SI2 Challenge Coin was presented to each employee and stakeholder in recognition of their support of the company’s mission.  The other six coins represent one of the company’s core values: Tell It As It Is, Take Ownership, Positive Attitude, Problem Solver, Instill Confidence and Competitive Spirit. Core Value Challenge Coins were awarded to employees who were nominated by their colleagues for demonstrating a particular core value during the past quarter. The first SI2 Challenge Coin was presented to the employee who has been with the company the longest – Noel Burgoa, SI2’s Vice President of Contracts and Security. Congratulations to this year’s Core Value Challenge Coin recipients and we look forward to recognizing more team members in 2021!

On behalf of the SI2 team, we wish our colleagues, friends, customers and all who serve in our armed forces Happy Holidays, and a safe, happy and above all, HEALTHY New Year!


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